My top Ten Tips to create the most Bliss-filled Day ever!

Morag Turner

1.The first thoughts you have on waking will set the scene for your day so make them positive thoughts.

2. Before getting out of bed think of all the things you are grateful for in your life. If you can’t think of anything else to be grateful for then be grateful for your lovely comfy bed. Feel gratitude for all the little things in your life, cultivate this feeling of gratitude.

3. Make sure you have given yourself enough time between waking and getting up to connect with the day in a positive way. You only need a few minutes, but it will make a real difference to your whole day..

4. On waking drink a litre of water that you have added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice too. You can prepare it the night before and have it by the side of your bed. Your body and mind will thank you for this gift and it will give you more energy for your day.

5. I make showering a ritual in the morning using a nice aromatherapy soap. My favourite wake me up fragrance is Pink Grapefruit, yum. Find a fragrance or oil that makes your mind happy and awake.

6. Stretch – gently stretch your body. Just feel were you need to stretch, connect with your body, this feels so good when you do it every morning.

7. Find yourself a power song that really connects with all that are looking to achieve in your life something that your heart connects to, play it while you are getting dressed after your shower or bath

8. Breath, yes breath, practise some nice deep belly breaths every morning. Stand by an open window or go out into the garden while the kettle is boiling.

9. Plan ahead so you can have a supper nutritious breakfast to support your mind body and spirit for the day. Investigate super-food smoothies that will give you lashings of love and energy to get your day started beautifully.

10. Now you have connected with your energised body and serene mind, spend a few minutes thinking about how  you would like your day to unfold. If you can foresee any challenges visualise a positive outcome for them. Create your day as YOU wish. Really feeling into how wonderful the day will be. Get a sense of how it feels to be going through magical day. Now through out your day if you feel stressed of anxious take yourself back to the blissful place you were in at the start of your day.

Wishing you a Bliss filled day.

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Love Morag x

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