Dance in the Fire of Life and come with me on a journey of transformation.

  “The fire will not burn you but burn away what you are not “

For over a decade I have worked as a transformational healer, soothing mind body and soul with an alchemy of Sound and pure LOVE energy.

Let me set you on your path to your own beautiful spiritual journey of discovering the truth of who you are.


If you have ever dreamed of real freedom,living as an awakened soul and thought I can’t do that because of my life, family, job then think again. I can help you have it all. You also get to access a third of you that you never had access to before all those talents, gifts and extraordinary parts of you that you didn’t even know you were you.

I am a healer by nature and use all my healing gifts and skills to help bring you to a place of deep relaxation. From here you can develop a connection with your true and most beautiful authentic self. From this point I can support you on your own path to your own soul healing and awakening.

I have harmonised and balanced clients for over a decade and supported clients with a diverse range of conditions effecting the mind body and spirit. I have qualifications as a Reiki Master and Teacher, in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Ayurveda Facials. I studied as Raw Food Coach under Karen Knowler.

I learnt the powerful art of Sound Healing using Crystal and Tibetan Bowls from my own Spiritual Teacher Shivani. During my twelve years of working with her she also passed onto me many other teachings which I weave into my work.

Shivani spent ten years in an Ashram in India and a further ten years leaning Shamanism from the Native American traditions in North America. Her wisdom and guidance have not only proved unique on my own spiritual journey but given me great insight as to how I can best support my clients.

I have travelled the world and learnt many things from Healers I have met on my travels. For example, I am qualified in Indian Head Massage but learnt how powerful this ancient massage therapy is from a blind Indian Healer in Varanasi India.

I also work intuitively with guides and other energies that support my work much of which can’t be learnt but is channelled through me, my task often is to simply yield and trust to a higher power.

I can facilitate a deep relaxation session for you freeing you from stress and anxiety or work at a deeper level.

If you can not travel to Kent then I can still support you with Spiritual Mentoring, Intuitive Guidance and distant Soul to Soul Healing. All of which can be shared by either phone video or email.

In my work I love and hold space for those sensitive spots you have so they feel safe to be seen. There is no forcing, only allowing your spirit to come out of hiding and lead the way. Your blocks are there to be curious about, not to judge.

All to set you free and bring you home to yourself.

Coming home to your self your “I am “  is so beautiful and so sacred.

As I say to clients, there is washing up before soul awakening  and washing up after soul awakening. The difference ? Everything becomes pure joy even the washing up.❤️

“My heart if full of joy and glowing pride as I share my appreciation of Morag Turner’s ‘transformational journey work’. Thank you Morag for being one of the best of the best Ruth Shivani Allen “

I am here to help you and below share a little of my journey to date.

I have worked in the past on a trading floor in the City (London) and in the aquatic world of scuba diving. For many years I have been a healer, teacher, therapeutic counsellor, and now have been called into helping set others on the path to their own beautiful soul healing and awakening.

My Celtic roots would describe me as an Anamchara or soul friend.

Soul work or connecting with your true self has always been my “thing” and what I feel I was born to do. I came across the Celtic term Anamchara a few years ago and it really resonated with me. A light bulb moment. I suddenly knew my soul purpose or dharma.

I would describe myself as a Spiritual Traveller as I love travelling. I have been inspired and taught within many traditions of healing that have helped me make the most of the natural gifts that I was born with.

Some say that your core personality is formed between the ages of one and seven. Well if that’s the case I spent the first seven years of my life living on the edge of the Malaysian jungle. I would toddle off in the morning and be cared for by whoever was around. I am sure this amazing start in life has given me the curiosity and openness to everything the world has to offer. It also enhances my gift to cut through what is presented to me and see a person for who they really are. To connect too and illuminate their soul, to see what’s really there.

“It’s often not what presents itself which is your true beingness but the space between the words and feelings that reveal your true essence.”
~ Morag x

My own spiritual journey really started after the death of my mother. Often it takes a traumatic event to wake you up. I knew at this point there was so much more to who I was but what? And how did I connect with it?

I was reading a book called “Detox your world “by Shazzie and in the back was a tiny photo and picture of my spiritual teacher Ruthie Shivani Allen. She is my spiritual mother and sister and helped me travel within myself to discover my many hidden talents and treasures. She guided me so that I could illuminate my own soul.

She lives a long way away from me and most of the therapeutic counselling I have done with her was all done by email which is how I discovered how powerful the truth can be which is hidden in the spaces between the words.

Four years ago I got divorced. So at 49 I had to decide – what next? I knew there was so much more to me. So many gifts and talents I hadn’t expressed with the world.

I had always had a dream of living by the sea which must be something to do with my mermaid soul – so on a basis of a day trip moved to my current home in Deal Kent. I followed my heart and so much abundance is just flowing to me by just living in my truth or my soul purpose.

So much has opened up and this culminated by my own dear spiritual teacher passing her flame of love to me and naming me as her successor.

  “My heart is full of joy and glowing pride as I share my appreciation of Morag Turner’s ‘transformational journey work’.

These journeys are an accumulated expression of her life’s work and dedication to truth and expanded consciousness.

I have known and worked with Morag for many years, as student, client, and friend, and I have personally experienced her profound gift of professional expressions of a unique blend of therapies and experiential wisdom offered with dedication to authentic and integral ways of working.

I now lovingly endorse Morag as a co-worker, who interacts with all her clients with the deepest integrity.

As I find my life taking me into an expression of retirement. It is my satisfied joy to know that Morag will continue to serve, nourish and nurture her clients as I feel I have done throughout my life as a therapist, teacher and spiritual guide.

Morag exemplifies true and humble professionalism in a most precious and gifted expression of care and compassion, always inviting her clients to the very best of who they are. Whilst ever holding space for gentle expansion, she will never shy from evoking the best within each person who sits with her. 

Ideally to fully appreciate this opportunity of gifting your self the very best… I would encourage you to explore a Journey – subsequently followed by a short contract of several sessions to feel the accumulative and transformative evolutionary thrust that is potentially present for each sincere being who finds themselves blessed to meet and work with Morag.

Morag, even though my words might evoke a blush from your humble expression, please know and feel that I so lovingly and fully encourage you in this work, taking the light to all those ready to reacquaint themselves with their true beingness.

Thank you Morag for being one of the best of the bestRuth Shivani Allen “

Let me set you on your path to you own expansive soul healing and awakening.

Love Morag – Secret Diveine Mystic x