"My heart is full of joy and glowing pride as I share my appreciation of Morag Turner’s ‘transformational journey work’.

These journeys are an accumulated expression of her life’s work and dedication to truth and expanded consciousness.

I have known and worked with Morag for many years, as student, client, and friend, and I have personally experienced her profound gift of professional expressions of a unique blend of therapies and experiential wisdom offered with dedication to authentic and integral ways of working.

I now lovingly endorse Morag as a co-worker, who interacts with all her clients with the deepest integrity.

As I find my life taking me into an expression of retirement. It is my satisfied joy to know that Morag will continue to serve, nourish and nurture her clients as I feel I have done throughout my life as a therapist, teacher and spiritual guide.

Morag exemplifies true and humble professionalism in a most precious and gifted expression of care and compassion, always inviting her clients to the very best of who they are. Whilst ever holding space for gentle expansion, she will never shy from evoking the best within each person who sits with her.

Ideally to fully appreciate this opportunity of gifting your self the very best... I would encourage you to explore a Journey – subsequently followed by a short contract of several sessions to feel the accumulative and transformation evolutionary thrust that is potentially present for each sincere being who finds themselves blessed to meet and work with Morag.

Morag, even though my words might evoke a blush from your humble expression, please know and feel that I so lovingly and fully encourage you in this work, taking the light to all those ready to reacquaint themselves with their true beingness." ​

Thank you Morag for being one of the best of the best

Ruth Shivani Allen

"Your love and support over the years has smoothed my path so much... truly love u xxx"


"Thank you for the great session. I really feel I can move forward with things. You really are brilliant!"


"Thanks a million Morag I feel brilliant and had the most amazing time"


"Grateful thanks for all you did; I am aware that there is a huge shift or change"


"YOU will always, always, always be my inspiration, guru and godmother!!!! Thank you SO much for all your lovely messages Morag! I REALLY appreciate them and my heart always smiles when I see your purple writing! I smile in gratitude to you every day for being my original spiritual mum and guide!"


"Thank you for the tears of joy I experienced when reading your words. Thank you for all you do and all you share, I am so fortunate to have met you"


"Thanks Morag - you are an angel. I really appreciated all your wisdom and motherly insight- bless you for being who you are :-)"


"I am ever so thankful for your immediate help over the festive time. For calling me back that evening, was so very generous. Thank you for your understanding and wise connection, over the panic! Thank you so very much Morag."


"Now I feel strong and happy and alive! And am grateful for everything I have in my life! You have been and are such an inspiration to me! Thank you so much for all your love and support, I am truly grateful! - Lots of Love and abundant rainbows of joy and gratitude"


"Morag what can I say apart from how great I feel after our session today! You are an amazing being and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me today. Your non judgement and wisdom made me feel safe and open enough to share things that I have not done with anybody. I am thankful I now have an English role model. Thank you for helping me connect again with the light in myself and in others which had dimmed over time. You are truly an angel in a human body disguise, with love and most importantly gratitude"


"Thank you so much, I really feel you are one of my angels. I will work through this like you said. You are so wonderful Morag, thank you so much. I will re-read your emails as there is so many things in them I need to take on board. I hope you are well, and I will keep in touch. Lots of love to you"


"Wow, Morag you are amazing! These words are spot on, and exactly what I needed to hear at this time. We are such fragile beings aren't we, yet so strong. Thanks again"


"Lovely Morag!!!!

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for a BRILL time :)

I REALLY enjoyed spending time with you and got soooooo much out of the retreat.

Bless you for all your teaching, sharing and kindness. Really appreciate all the links you've sent etc."


"Just a note to simply say THANKYOU I felt pure joy this morning, the numbness has gone. You have turned my world from black and white to colour."


"IT is all thanks to you that I am here right now, living in bliss! Ii only wish more people could honour their own spirit to flow with you into the beauty of their souls and abundant life that is within them without fear holding onto it in the guise of money!!

I am so sure that the transformation will happen more readily amongst people who are feeling the need when they are ready!

I know when I get the know-how and the right portal together, I would love to promote you!!! as it was through word of mouth that i found you, and I would love to feel that others connect and thrive through your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am 30 years old, a mother, a partner, and living my bliss!!! in my dharma!!! and when I came to you, I was so alone and shrouded in bulimia and many coverings of the soul!! thank you Morag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"I've had both Reiki and massage with Morag and have also just sat and talked - which I found equally invaluable. She's truly gifted, down to earth and very effective. I feel physically and emotionally stronger after visiting her. I was hoping for a small step forward but instead it's been more like an epiphany with seven-league boots on! Contact her now, you really will benefit."

Graham - East Grinstead

"A friend booked a distant healing session for me as a gift I was very sceptical that I would feel anything. I had been through a stressful time and was having trouble sleeping. I asked for the session to be sent to me just before I went to sleep. I felt a deep sense of peace and was so relaxed that I felt I was going melt into my bed. I slept soundly through the night in a deep sleep which is something I had not done in months. Morag is certainly a very gifted individual."

MC Cambridge

"What can I say I have been through a very difficult time in my life and know I would of ended up on antidepressants if it had not been for the kindness and support Morag showed me during my Consultations with her. She has done so much for me."

Emma East Grinstead

"I have been looking for someone to give me Reiki in East Grinstead for a while, I have tried a few practitioners .With Morag I felt a deep sense of peace that I had not felt before. I will definitely be back for more."

Andy East Grinstead

Morag excels in her ability to "help you feel better". She has a gentle reassuring way with her and is able to safely bring things to the surface for healing. When I arrived I felt troubled and deflated but went home feeling alive and invigorated, full of possibilities. :-)

Rachel Billingshurst

"I find the reflexology massage to be not only relaxing, but helped to relieve the tension in my shoulders. Morag explains what part of the body is affected by the treatment and is extremely knowledgeable. I was very sceptical about treating other parts of the body through your feet but it is very strange how quickly the treatment works."

Sarah Brighton

“The level of service at In Touch Therapies is fantastic. I am consistently impressed by the sensitive yet professional way that Morag treats me at every visit. My health and well-being have improved with my monthly treatments."

Vikki East Grinstead

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a individual you can trust. In Touch Therapies was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of treatments I received is outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Pete East Grinstead

"I always feel better after I have visited Morag, she takes her time to listen to me and finds out what I need. She is a very special therapist"

Sue East Grinstead

I had never had any sort of holistic treatment before but I was suffering from shoulder and neck ache so booked a Indian head massage WOW not only was the tension relived in my neck and shoulders but Morag has a unique gift of making you feel better.

Connie Warlingham

After my initial Deep Relaxation treatment with Morag I felt like all the "bad stuff" had been squeezed out of me like a tube of toothpaste. I was amazed at how different I felt. I have been receiving treatments from Morag for over a year now and all areas of my life have improved so much.

Emily Oxted

Support and Healing Just for you 💙💙💙