FREE Connect to The Divine Feminine within you Meditation

Morag Turner



FREE Connect to The Divine Feminine Within Meditation

I dedicate this Meditation to all women around the globe awakening to The Divine Feminine light that is within us all.



This FREE meditation was created from heart space to open portals to your soul, nurture yourself in the sounds and the experience.

Love and Blessing Morag 💙 xx

Welcome Divine and beautiful beings


Now come with me on a journey of discovery Listen to the call to the Divine being within you and feel her awakening from slumber.

I am the divine feminine
The light of the divine shines from within
I have wisdom and knowing and inner strength I never imagined belonged in this world
My power disturbs me, turbulence in the silence
Secret, silent, supressed?
My heart is brave, my voice strong and steady.

I waited for you in the stillness my love and you came
You never left, you never turned your back on me

Love of eons
My inner glow
Delight, Bliss, Stillness

The Divine Goddess is with us all
I invite you to awaken to the wonder of who you be
Divine being
I invite you to feel how truly beautiful you are
Divine one
You were created to be worshipped
For you are creation.

Come with me on a journey of awakening. Invite the mystical ancient feminine lineage of the generations that lays dormant within you to awaken from slumber.

Now is the time to receive
Your inner beauty, your glow is your birth-right.

Love and blessings to all who choose to dance with me.


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