What if I told you there is no such thing as Stress…….

Morag Turner

Stress is a modern-day condition but what if I told you the concept of stress is a complete illusion. That all that struggle and discomfort that is caused to your mind and body by being stressed is a illusion created but your mind especially for you.

Do you ever see a stressed mystic?  No.

All the stress currently occurring in your life is being manufactured by your mind. You might have challenging events going on in your life which of course are real. But how you choose to react to them is your choice.

Stress or Bliss entirely your choice.

An instant way to stop this struggle and diminish stress in your life is to live in the present. How much of what you worry and get stressed about is in the now?  How much is about things that have happened in the past which you can’t change or events that may or may not even happen in the future.

So please stop struggling lovely. Being stressed about events you can’t change or that probably will never happen wont help you live a Bliss-filled life.

I really want you to be more relaxed and lead a bliss-filled life. Let the struggle stop now!


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