So what is a Soul Mentor?

Morag Turner

Even if you don’t think about it much you have a soul, we all do. We accept that life can batter and bruise our body and mind but few of us think about the effect on our soul.

The word soul is used in so many expressions in the English language – lost soul, soulless, soul food – but do we really acknowledge what part our soul plays in our ultimate happiness?

I believe your soul is the unique set of gifts and personality traits you were born with. By knowing what these are and being able to describe them you will be describing your soul.

I know from my own life experiences how disconnected I felt before I started to reconnect with my soul. I had been mentally and physically battered by life. Both my parents had died and I was divorced. Despite all that my strength of mind and body meant I was leading a “happy” life. But something niggled away at me. I felt isolated and lonely on the inside. I was disconnected from my soul. Yes I lived a life that some people only dream of but I felt empty and sad. I cluttered my life with possessions and activity to numb the sensations.

I knew there was more. So I started my own investigations to heal my soul. True soul healers are not so easy to find. Blogging and the internet were very much in their infancy when I started my quest. I stumbled across my soul healer in a book I was reading on raw food. I spent a few months procrastinating and eventually drove hundreds of miles to put my faith in the hands of a stranger I had only had email connection with and knew little about. Coming from a corporate background this was a huge leap of faith.

Within a few hours of working with my Soul Mentor I can still recall the bliss I felt when I started to reconnect with my soul. It felt good, it felt right. I felt sheer relief because I knew everything I had been searching for was right there inside me.

Now, you don’t have to don a flowing robe and flip flops and leave your current life behind to heal you soul. You just have to have the desire to do so. The benefits when you reconnect with your true self are immense. You learn to accept life for what it is, an amazing and incredible adventure.

As a soul mentor I gently nudge and guide those who choose to work with me to revisit who they really are. Who was that little girl or boy before life got in the way between you and your true self? The techniques I use are derived from what I have been taught and learnt from the many interesting teachers I have met and worked with on my travels. None are scary and all are gentle.

From my own experiences I know the work can be challenging. One challenge is to realise that beliefs you held close to your heart are not yours at all, but have been created by the world you have lived in or people you have shared your life with.

On a practical level, once the process begins, life takes on a new energy and life of its own. By relinquishing control of every aspect of your life, and trusting more, your life becomes easier, more powerful and happier. For most people there may be a few bumps in the road but the process is subtle and graceful.

For me one of the greatest benefits of soul healing is the ability to make decisions based on my true feelings – not emotions but feelings. I believe emotions come from your body and mind but feelings come from your soul.

Think of the benefits: To not be hindered by what someone else did to me, thought of me or the way they chose to treat me. To know the decisions I make are mine, perfect for me. Even if I have to challenge my beliefs and take the long way round to get there sometimes!

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