Soul to Soul Distance Healing

60 Minutes £50

Personal Consultations by Phone or Video

Soul to Soul Healing is the most beautiful transformative way of healing.

I have the ability to sense and read peoples energetic frequency and to detect either emotional or physical imbalances within that frequency. My clients do not have to be physically present for me to read and correct any energy imbalances that I detect. The process is beautiful way of keeping your emotional and physical well-being in check.

Negative energies from your own energy field can be felt and cleared.

By supporting clients who wish to be released from old hurts and traumas of their life’s story I give them the opportunity to evolve into their full potential.

The support I offer also helps with any day to day challenges in your life and also provides you with love and support if you are on your own spiritual journey.

“Morag is an AMAZING healer and spiritual guide. My session was really powerful. I was surprised at how good she really is. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for long distance Tracy xxxx”

As a uniquely qualified and sensitive seer and healer, I am joyfully inviting clients to benefit from my transformational offerings and intuitive insights in a truly positive way.

My own path is to help others so if you need support on finding harmony in your daily life, deep healing or want to delve deeper into the mysteries. I can help.

The majority of the healing and guidance for my own journey was received by me long distance from my own spiritual teachers. So, I have already utilised the power of this way of working on my own journey.

I offer distance healing and utilise the modalities of energy, sound, crystals, sacred oils and other beautiful healing tools to balance and soothe you during this process.

“Morag is a powerful catalyst for soul growth and healing. Come to her when you are ready to do so. She will guide you to whatever it takes to overcome your blocks in healing your soul. When you get a reading with her it integrates into your own power empowering you to move through your blocks and future blocks. It doesn’t end with the reading you somehow can now begin to call your own power home. A true master will always direct you back to yourself. Thankyou Morag, for showing me the way home. I am eternally grateful ~ Rebecca”

Often our belief patterns and the way we live our life is based on “social condition” our view of our self has been influenced by parents’ teachers work colleagues etc.

As we seek to connect to our true nature and leave what is familiar behind it can often feel a little daunting. I can help support you and guide you through this process.

What is going in your day to day life and relationship’s is just as important as and major events you are looking for support with.

I aim to support you step into your truth and your potential.

Many emotions such as fear doubt anxiety, guilt and the things that hold us back and may come up as you shed the layers of your social conditioning.

It is reassuring for my clients who have experienced the depth of my healing and clarity of my guidance to know that where ever they are in the world I am there to offer support and guidance.

They know that I offer support not only from a place of love and compassion but from the experience of my own journey back to my truth.

The intention I set at beginning of every healing, or guidance sessions is to help you move forward in the very best way you can physically, mentally and spiritually. I offer a helping hand, so we can move forward together there is no need to make this transition alone.

“Morag, thank you so much for my recent healing session. You picked up with great accuracy the issues going on for me at the time. During the healing I felt a sense of being enveloped in love and the very next day I felt weight being lifted from me and a sense of calmness that I haven’t felt for a long time. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. Thanks again Morag for your kindness.” Marie Green. Bournemouth UK

When we unlock old hurts and imbalances held deep at our core level and bring them to the surface to be healed then old self-sabotaging patterning can be released. Your life will feel more spacious and free.

It’s a very powerful and transformational way of healing. Only by connecting with you at a deep energetic level can I truly precisely feel the imbalances that are being held at physical, emotional or soul level.

During this process I can establish a deep understanding of the emotions that are causing hindrances in your life.

By feeling into them, I can get to the root of the problems and bring them to the surface for you to acknowledge. Sometimes these emotions are so deeply ingrained they have manifested as physical imbalances in the body and cause physical discomfort.

This transformational work is based on clearing old negative energy being held in your energy field, giving you freedom from these energies so you can fully embrace and live your life with joy.

“I loved it!! I booked Morag because I felt a little ‘flat’ and wanted to do something nice for myself. During the Soul to Soul healing session I felt very happy, but the real gift was that I got aligned with my true self and my core values and with Morag’s healing. Big gratitude Morag!! Thank you. I highly recommend.” Sus Medusa, Denmark

This healing experience is profound and transformative, but it does require a personal commitment from the person receiving the healing to acknowledge and release any old emotions that have been brought to the surface. I am with you through the process, holding you with love and support and compassion throughout the whole healing experience.

Practical advice on how to physically support your healing process is also given at the end of each session and any guidance I have been given will also be shared.

This is such a deeply personal journey where two souls are connected as one for deep personal transformation.

Physically most people feel a deep peace and serenity during this process.

If clients wish to travel to me physically for Soul to Soul Healing this can be arranged but is not necessary.

The Soul to Soul healing is just as transformative at distance.

I have flexible working hours to support my clients so appointments can be made for evening and weekends if required.

A 60minute session is just £55 please pay via PayPal and I will contact you to arrange your session.

If you have any questions, then please email me at morag@moragturner.com

Whatever you require from the session this sharing between two people is filled with love and compassion.

“On the 29th November at 11.30 I received a Distant Healing from Morag. I have been through a tough time this year. In March I had an ectopic pregnancy and had my fallopian tube removed and I nearly died. The recovery was slow and long, and I was still feeling the effects regarding digestive problems. Then in September my ex-husband was sent to prison for three and half years leaving a devastated nine-year-old daughter. “Many a time my instinct has been to fall apart, sod it; life sucks, I am rubbish, I created this, but I don’t. I constantly do things that bring myself back from sabotage…….. So, I reached out to Morag…. On the morning of the healing I had arranged to be relaxed on my bed with healing crystals surrounding me, but it wasn’t meant to be. “As a mother and an artist, it’s hard to find time for yourself. We had a visit from the health visitor, and she stayed longer than I had anticipated, and I missed my opportunity to be present to the magic of the universe channelling through Morag. Any way Morag said it didn’t matter if you were busy or still and I truly think it didn’t.“I remember straight after there seemed to be a lightness to my being, my heart sings of love and generosity and an openness to take each day as it comes.“It was lovely to receive a message about the healing process Morag performed. She said that I am a strong woman and my soul has been healed from the bruising of life plus some lovey other things she did.“It’s a week since my healing and my life force is stronger, I have courage that has awakened in me.“Thank you Morag I am very grateful for this powerful transformation. I would recommend this healing from you to anyone. Love and Peace Joanna UK to book you session please pay via the PayPal link below.

Love and Blessings to all those who choose to dance with me. 🙏💙