Priestess Rising Healing Session


Deep healing is the foundation of self-love. The concept of self-love is often thought of as being self-centred, but this is an untruth. The more we love ourselves the more we become a vessel of love so we can deeply care for others. From this place of love, you will connect to your Divine Feminine Essence, the sacred part of you that has been lying dormant and is now ready to have life breathed into it.


From love the fire of transformation is birthed.


Every woman is a Priestess; by connecting to this part of your being you will experience deep healing and a sense of freedom. These sessions are deeply relaxing and will open the door to you inner Priestess mythology.


“After my initial Priestess Rising session with Moragji I felt like all the “bad stuff” had been squeezed out of me like a tube of toothpaste. I was amazed at how different I felt. I have been receiving distance treatments from Morag for over a year now and all areas of my life have improved so much “ ~ Emily Oxted


During this very personal and deep transformational healing I will create a unique healing process for you embodying elements of the ancient healing art of the Myrrophores.  I combine distance Energy Healing with the soul or spirit of elementals, plants, crystals and sacred oils.


Remote Guided Meditation Kent


Remote Guided Meditation Kent


A Myrrophore or” mistress of the oils “connected deeply to the soul or spirit of the plant who’s oils she was using in healing. A Myrrophore heals the soul and accompanies a person through transition in their life these can be physical transitions such as birth, rights of passage and death or spiritual transitions. Using the plants energy not for its clinical healing properties but focusing on its essence to lift the spirit or vibration of a person and open doors in their life that they are unable to open themselves. 

I will connect not only to the essence of plants but also the elements, planets, stars, crystals, and Gods and Goddesses to open the door of transformation for you.


One of the most famous Myrrophores of all time was Mary Magdalene.


“Thanks Morag – you are an angel. I really appreciated all your wisdom and motherly insight- bless you for being who you are :-)” ~ Gurjit London


Pulling together many threads of my learning and natural gifts I have created a unique healing process. You will feel held and loved in the very essence of love during the whole session.


Remote Guided Meditation Kent


I am a Magdalen High Priestess, Master Energy Healer, Mediation Teacher and Holistic Therapist. I have also learnt much from the many Spiritual Teachers and Mystic I have connected with around the world. 

With 20 years of experience walking my own spiritual path. I have walked through many dark nights of the soul and felt the bliss of being held by grace as I moved through my own deep healing and transformation.


During my Magdalen High Priestess training, I learnt many ancient esoteric ways of healing. I now pass this wisdom onto the Priestesses I train.


“Morag is a powerful catalyst for soul growth and healing. She will guide you to whatever it takes to overcome your blocks in healing your soul. When you get a healing or reading with her it integrates into your own power empowering you to move through your blocks and future blocks. It doesn’t end with the session you somehow can now begin to call your own power home. A true master will always direct you back to yourself. Thankyou Morag, for showing me the way home. I am eternally grateful” ~ Rebecca


With your unique Priestess Rising session we will first connect by either video/ phone or email and discuss any deep hurts, worries or concerns that you have. It is not necessary for you to share sensitive information around what has come up for healing unless you wish to.


Remote Guided Meditation Kent


Remote Guided Meditation Kent


If you do not have a clear intention for the session, I can guide through the process of setting of setting one. 

The healing sessions lasts around 60 minutes.


I will deliver feedback on your session to via WhatsApp these will include any insights I have during your healing process and anything that can support your healing further.


Most clients feedback to me that they feel much “lighter” after these sessions and have more energy and joy in their lives.


Once you have booked and paid for your healing session, I will contact you with 48 hours to arrange your Priestess Rising Session.


“It is all thanks to you that I am here right now, living in bliss! I only wish more people could honour their own spirit to flow with you into the beauty of their souls and abundant life that is within them “~ Anon


Remote Guided Meditation Kent