Welcome to my Community of Light 

All are welcome to join the Sangha Community of Light. This beautiful space has been created for you to experience a feeling of community and connection.  The Sangha is a global community which I have initiated to support all who wish to “be with the truth”. It is not connected to any other organisation. I am a free spirit sharing what I have learnt of my journey with others.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to gracefully move through your day feeling relaxed, energised and focused? Sangha creates a deeper connection with self and is nourishing to mind body and spirit.
I offer Satsang Meditation at our Sangha gatherings balancing sound and silence so you can experience stillness and peace.

Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “Association with the Highest Truth” which simply put means being completely present with an open heart and quiet mind and connected to your own divine light.

For any of these sessions no previous experience of meditation is required you will gently be guided by me to feel into an opening of heart and a quieting of mind. This experience is both deeply relaxing and transformative.

These sessions are open to all. I will gently guide you to a place of tranquillity all that is required is an open heart and desire to experience stillness.

I invite you to step away from the busy world feel how refreshing Satsang Meditation can be.

I was born on the edge of the Malaysian jungle and spent much of my early years immersed in the Hindu culture. I have been described as spiritual traveller and blessed to of received much wisdom from teachers around the world.

Like any life transforming skill practice is needed to fully receive the benefits but you will subtly notice a calming of mind, relaxing of body and a sense of peace which you can take out to the world.

To access online sessions please join my Facebook community and all events will be posted there.

NEW: Now restrictions are lifted I will also facilitate face to face gatherings in Deal Kent

Sessions will run on Thursdays at 6.30pm – 8.00pm book your space at:
Satsang Meditation Ashford
Prepay using  paypal.me/moraghappysoul

Chairs are provided for this event but if you prefer to bring your own meditation cushion there is plenty of space to sit.

Using sound and silence I will guide to a place where you can quite your mind and experience your true essence.

“Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of Self-Discovery. This fire will not burn you; it will burn only what you are not and set your heart free. An invitation to Freedom ~ Sri Mooji.”

A limited number of Personal one to one Energy Healing and Soul Work Sessions are available at Ashford on a Thursday and from my treatment room in Deal on other days.

I hold formal qualifications as a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Reflexologist, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Facials and Magdalen High Priestess.

If you are not sure how I can support, you best please book a FREE Meet Up Call or email me at morag@moragturner.com

“Morag what can I say apart from how great I feel after our session today! You are an amazing being and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me today. Your nonjudgement and wisdom made me feel safe and open enough to share things that I have not done with anybody. I am thankful I now have an English role model. Thank you for helping me connect again with the light in myself and in others which had dimmed over time. You are truly an angel in a human body disguise, with love and most importantly gratitude”
Love and Blessings
Moragji 🙏💙

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