Energy Healing and Meditation Ashford


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to gracefully move through your day feeling relaxed, energised and focused? Meditation gives you this superpower, the ability to quiet the mind and feel sweet stillness within, creating a deeper connection with self.The physical and mental benefits of mediation are well documented but at a deeper level in the stillness you will improve your relationship with self which in turn will ripple out to the world nurturing all your relationships.

You will develop strength and resilience to to support you with any up and downs life throws at you.

I will be offering Energy Healing Session alongside Meditation Session every Thursday in Ashford. one to one sessions  can be booked directly at the Room For Peace Ashford or email at morag@moragturner.com

Sound Bath Mediations, The Goddess Hour, Satsang Meditation and Goddess Workshops.

Location :  Room For Peace  2 Mabledon Avenue Ashford  TN24 8BJ

Every Thursday:

The Goddess Hour  12.30-1.30pm £15.00

Sound Bath Meditation 6.30-8.00pm £20



One to one sessions are available at my treatment room in Deal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday please call me on 07802713492 or email me at morag@moragturner.com to make an appointment.

So,who am I? I have been supporting clients including celebrities with my transformational energy healing, meditation sessions and teaching for over a decade. I was born in Malaysia and lived on the edge of the Malaysian jungle until I was seven years of age and have always known supporting people in remembering who they are was my soul path.

As a spiritual traveller I learnt much wisdom from many teachers around the world but also hold the following formal qualifications:

Reiki Master, Mediation Teacher, Sound Healer, Reflexologist, Magdalen High Priestess.

I am qualified to give Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Face Massage, Soul Path Readings and Past Life Regression and also support you on your path to awakening.

If you are not sure how I can best support you, book a FREE Connect Call with me and we can have a chat.The Mediation Sessions I will initially offer at Ashford are:

Sound Bath Mediation – Using breathwork, guided relaxing and sound created with ancient Tibetan and quartz crystal bowls I will take you to a place of deep nourishing relaxation.

The Goddess Hour – Working with Goddess Energy I will guide you on a deep meditative journey to connect you with a deepest part of your soul. These deeply healing sessions support you in being the divine being you were destined to be.

Satsang – Is a Sanskrit word which means “Association with the Highest Truth”. In Satsang you will sit rather than lie down and come home to self. Here you will experience love joy and peace and connect to your own divine light.

I was drawn to offer my Meditation and Energy Healing Sessions through The Room for Peace in Ashford as I felt their vision of Peace Education and experiencing inner stillness was in alignment with my own soul path.

Book a FREE meet up call with me via my website booking system or email me at morag@moragturner.com

Love and Blessings

Moragji 🙏💙