Personal Distance Healing Consultations by Phone or Video


For over a decade I have been able to offer clients the joy of distance healing, which is both deeply nourishing and convenient. It also means once you have been brought to a deep place of relaxation you don’t have to worry about driving or getting home. Instead you can just be, which is such a blessing.

Let me create a sacred space for you to rest your bones upon the earth and be nourished.

Many clients enjoy my intuitively guided sessions, trusting me to weave together distance healing sessions from different holistic modalities. If you require a specific type of healing please let me know.

The list below provides guidance on sessions that I am often asked for but does not fully express the work that I do. You are a beautiful unique being so the session I create with you will also be unique.

Usui Reiki – Using the traditional Usui system of distance healing.

Soul to Soul Healing – Creating space for my Soul to heal yours.

Past Life Regression – Reclaim lost parts of yourself.

Akashic Records Reading – Lets dive deep into your soul and see if we can find the root cause of patterning that no longer serves you and remove it.

Death and Rebirth Ceremonies – To support you in moving forward in life.

Selkie and her Skin – working on selflove and acceptance

Chakra Cleaning and Balancing – Energising and relaxing

Heart Opening – Guiding you home to the beauty and love in your own heart.

Deep Nourishing Relaxation – Bringing you to a place where you can make profound changes in your life.

Spiritual Mentoring – Gently guiding you to a place where you reawaken as your perfect true self.

Sound Bath / Sound Healing – Using Crystal and Ancient Tibetan singing bowl to facilitate deep relaxation and a connection to self.

Guided Meditation – Learn how to journey to a deep meditative state.

Session are usually done over the phone by channels like WhatsApp or Messenger.  I will call you at your session time and we can have a short chat on how you are feeling and then the distance session will begin. The line can stay open during the session or I can disconnect and reconnect when the session is complete. I can also work via Zoom or email.

Each session is 60 minutes long and the cost is £50. You can also book a block of three sessions for £120.00 these can be for different modalities.

If you would like a try a 30 minute session to explore how you feel about distance work, then I would love to introduce you to the joy of this work for just £25.

You can pay using the PayPal link or I can send you an invoice by SMS or email to make your secure payment.

Click the link https://moragturner.com/contact/ to book your session and make payment

All session are pre-paid.

I am so looking forward to sharing sacred space with you. 💙💙💙🙏


I am the light weaver

Shining light onto your Soul

Making you whole

Shining Light on Your suffering and pain

Clearing your path to a life of joy and laughter

Walk with me?

Talk with me?

Let my soul commune with yours.

Be free and whole weaving your own light.

Be your light

Its not mystical or magical

Just the truth of who you are.

I am the light weaver

Shining light onto your soul.

Love and Blessings Moragji xx


“Morag is an AMAZING healer and spiritual guide. My session was really powerful. I was surprised at how good she really is. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for long distance Tracy xxxx”

“Moragji is a powerful catalyst for soul growth and healing. Come to her when you are ready to do so. She will guide you to whatever it takes to overcome your blocks in healing your soul. When you get a reading with her it integrates into your own power empowering you to move through your blocks and future blocks. It doesn’t end with the reading you somehow can now begin to call your own power home. A true master will always direct you back to yourself. Thankyou Morag, for showing me the way home. I am eternally grateful ~ Rebecca”

“Moragji, thank you so much for my recent healing session. You picked up with great accuracy the issues going on for me at the time. During the healing I felt a sense of being enveloped in love and the very next day I felt weight being lifted from me and a sense of calmness that I haven’t felt for a long time. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. Thanks again Morag for your kindness.” Marie Green. Bournemouth UK

Remote Guided Meditation Kent
“I loved it!! I booked Morag because I felt a little ‘flat’ and wanted to do something nice for myself. During the Soul to Soul healing session I felt very happy, but the real gift was that I got aligned with my true self and my core values and with Morag’s healing. Big gratitude Moragji!! Thank you. I highly recommend.” Sus Medusa, Denmark